Crying Spouse

black woman crying

Sitting there, the weight of the world on her shoulders

A heavy burden, the weight of boulders

Yet all pass as if she isn’t  there

None willing to ask about the burden she bears


Her eyes have ceased from all the crying

Now, she can only do all the caring

A sponge in hand, she gives him his daily bath

However little, she continues playing her part.


The part she plays seems insignificant

When compared to the Doctors skillful hands

Still, her watchful eyes never miss a detail

She can tell all that’s done right to the slightest detail.


If you’d ask, she’ll tell you how many drops form the IV fluid

And how many milligrams in the latest drug

She knows how many calories the doctor said

And exactly how to adjust the creaking bed.


Gladly, she would trade all that gain

For a chance to see him well again

But sadly, she has no choice but to continue to cope

All she can do is continue to hope.





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