Mop, Mop

Sweep, sweep

Sweep the dust from off the feet

feet running, not knowing the sight they will meet.

They just heard their friend was brought in from the street.

Mop, Mop

Sweep, sweep

Wipe the tears from off the chair

The tears of she who just lost her dear

The tears of one with a burden of three to bear.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Mop the saliva off the floor

From he with a stroke at just forty four

All his ambitions and dreams can’t be anymore.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Sweep the slippers into the bin

He won’t need it as he’s leaving

He won’t need it where he’s going .

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Wipe the sweat from off the wall

From the mom whose only son had a fall

Sweat for fear she would lose her all.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Doctors, nurses, don’t even notice me

Walking, talking, they can’t even see

Feeling important as they hurry off for tea.

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  1. Indeed Anna, if one day the doctors arrive at work to meet bloodstains all over the corridor and find out there's no one to help them wheel the patient in, or provide record files, then we would find that every single hospital worker is equally important.

  2. Ah so true, all the little unnoticed cogs and wheels in a hospital environment are just as important as doctors and nurses – for without them the clock that is the hospital would cease to tick.

    During nurse training a porter said to me “I am JUST a porter” to which I replied “No, you ARE a porter and as important as anyone else in the smooth running of this hospital.”

    It is important that we remember everyone has value.

    Anna :o]

  3. This is awesome. you took a very little (as it seems) and unnoticed important part of the activities of the everyday life at the hospital, and blew it up from nowhere. I admire that. you are good!

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