In a mixture of fluid, waste and debris we lived

Our nourishment-obtained from a common source, we shared

My legs on your head, your legs on my head

So we made our bed.

You came out first-I watched, considered, then stepped out after

To the embrace of welcoming hands, applause and laughter

There was no way to tell us apart

We both grew to be handsome,funny and smart.

Inseparable, we shared all things

At school, we shared all friends

At home, we both played pranks

One cannot easily forget mother’s spanks.

And now, you’ve suddenly become pale

Looking tired, your face has started to swell

Scared, we take you to the hospital

Never knew a kidney could fail.

Suddenly you need a transplant

I am the most obvious donor but I can’t

Because my tests have come out too

And now, we share this too.

Addenda: Based on the twins who both had end stage kidney failure whose mother had a kidney cyst.
Are you aware of what conditions lie in your genes?

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