A jolly day, walking with your umbrella in your hand

Suddenly, you find your umbrella on the sand

You wonder if you’ve just been had by a crook

It’s no crook dear sir, you’re just having a stroke.

Talking to your family, you try to utter a word

Though excited, you find your speech is slurred

They all laugh trying to join in the joke

It’s no joke dear sir, you’re having a stroke.

Walking to the bathroom , you suddenly fall

Unable to move forward or utter a call

You lie wondering on the floor made of oak

It’s no mystery dear sir, you’re having a stroke.

Smiling in the mirror one day, you’re feeling glad

You can’t help but notice your mouth is bent to the side

As you contemplate this new interesting look

You may want to know dear sir, you’re having a stroke.

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Addenda:The above include Signs and Symptoms of a stroke.
Actually had a patient who suddenly could not hold his umbrella. A number of stroke patients I’ve seen usually have it while on their way to the bathroom (I can’t say why).

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