Dear Dad

You never taught me anything bad

But when you hid in the toilets

And smoked those cigarettes

Thinking I couldn’t possibly smell them

Well you were wrong ‘cos my little nostril picked them.

And whenever you smoke, I am smoking too.

Dear Driver

I know I have no say as this is your car

But as the air conditioner blows so fast

Reaching me sitted at the back

There’s no need to seek my view

‘Cos you already know the damage you do

For when you smoke, I am smoking too.

Dear co-worker

Always with your cigarette pack and lighter

With your office smelling like a tobacco factory

And your ash tray never empty

No need to ask why I’m coughing

‘Cos truth be told, we’ve both been smoking.

As anytime you smoke, I am smoking too.

Dear Television star

I have always admired you from afar

As you roll the cigar and look cool

I long to do it just the way you do.

I really don’t care if you light it or not

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not

The only thing that matters is that like you, I am smoking too.

(Dangers of passive or second hand smoke almost equal to dangers of actual smoking.)

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  1. Hello Dr Erhumu

    Please see an old post of mine: http://hypercryptical.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/smokers-to-be-denied-routine-surgery-to.html

    I have no doubts that smoking can be/is damaging to health if you are so predisposed but the manipulation of scientific data to suit political aims – coercive healthism (if you like) – brings medicine into disrepute.

    Re commended read: “The Death of Humane Medicine and the Rise of Coercive Healthism” (Petr Skrabanek)

    Anna :o]

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