This time i won’t be embarrassed.
No more will i be harassed.
I will be very well dressed.
With my clothes exquisitely pressed.

I have taken all measures to prevent any embarrassment.
Have not missed my drugs or doctor’s appointment.
Nothing can stop me now!
I am looking like, wow!

My date appears, she looks radiant.
I stand up, pay her a compliment.
I am a perfect gentleman.
And she is a beautiful woman.

We make our orders, food arrives.
The atmosphere is enhanced by cool ballads.
I take the bowl, serve her a portion,
She is full of pure admiration.

My hand remains outstretched,
She smiles, still impressed.
My hand stiffens, she notices,
I cry out! She flinches.

I fall to the floor, she screams.
I start to foam, she flees.
It would have been good if it stopped there.
I guess urinating on myself was too much for her to bear.

Now i wake up and i’m all alone.
Traces of yesterday all gone.
I dial her number to ask why she ran off.
It rings, then suddenly i hear,”the number you have called, has been switched off”

What would you do?
(A story of Epilepsy)


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