If I won the Lottery

and came into a fair amount of money

would I hang up my stethoscope,

and move far away beyond the radar’s scope?

And if I move away

will I look away

when I see someone in need of care

or will I no longer care?

Will I be hit by nostalgia

A longing for the smell of the ER

for the long call duties and phone calls at night

or would I remain far out of sight?

If I won the lottery would I start a charity organisation

to help children dying of disease and starvation

or would I join some exclusive billionaire clubs

and get my name listed on forbes?

If I won the lottery would the Hippocratic oath still matter

and all the other medical chatter

will I still read as if my life depended on it

or would I give my books to the library as a gift?

There is only one way to know

A certain way to go

to know what I would do with so much money

just allow me win the lottery.

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