My parents were so in love

So in love they forgot the doctor’s advice

And got married without thinking twice.

I had a normal birth

A joy to my parents and a new blessing upon the earth

For a while all seemed normal

There was no sign to indicate anything abnormal.

Until that first day I had swollen feet

I was in so much pain, I just couldn’t eat

My eyes also started becoming yellow

I was so pale, different from the next fellow.

My friends always wondered why I often missed out on school

They thought it was cos my parents were really cool

They didn’t know the meaning of a crisis

Or why I couldn’t join in their excesses.

Now I have to cope with Blood transfusions

With daily drugs and prescriptions

Now mom and dad curse and fight a lot

Blaming each other for my lot.

But on the whole I have no regret

Grateful for this life and all whom I’ve met

Am at the top of my class and loving it

Cos to all of us this life is really nothing but a gift.

(Dedicated to my late friend and colleague N.G.D)

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