In the little time I have practiced, I have come to the realisation that there will be fewer incidences of health complications in men, if they listen more to their wives.

In my day to day practice(and this is an unconfirmed statistic),it is usually the wife that accompanies the ailing or dying husband to the hospital rather than the other way round. Of course you may argue that the man is usually older and more prone to stress as the breadwinner of the family, but this is not entirely true especially in modern times.

It is often the wife that puts 2 and 2 together and then advices,’honey why don’t you see a doctor about that?’ She it is that notices your clothes don’t quite fit anymore, or you seem to be going to the bathroom more often than usual. She notices the pillow keeps getting drenched with your sweat and your feet are looking rather funny. She also notices that rash you think is a mere scratch.

In a diabetic, it is often the wife that makes sure the husband properly follows his nutrition health advice.

A lot of times in the Emergency Room one hears the complaint ‘I told him to take his drugs or to see a doctor but he refused’,this is usually accompanied with sobbing especially when the case is too far gone.

Indeed,I believe if the statistics are compiled,husbands who listen to their wives as regards their health do actually live longer.
Or what do you think?

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  1. To certain degree I would agree with you but my profession also has made me realise male mortality is higher that the female. Also occupational hazards in some men contributes to it.

    Yes, the woman is the "nurse" of the home and she looks after everyone.

    the probability of a failing health in male is large.

    On another note, some women actually are in the position of health hazards as well as the male.

    (Just my opinion)

  2. I quite agree with you. I do not have any statistics, but I believe if men listen more to their wives, they will be better off healthwise and otherwise.

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