It all started when I went out to urinate

I urinated and urinated, it just wouldn’t abate

It was then I noticed an amazing thing

Ants started to gather round my urine.

All of a sudden I felt like drinking water

The more I drank, the more I became thirstier

The more I drank, the more I became weaker

I had no choice, I had to see a doctor.

Now I’m at the doctor’s place

Its hard to read the expression on his face

He finally says I need to check my sugar

I tell him I hardly take any sugar.

We do the test and am waiting

We do the test and am shaking

He finally tells me it is


But i still don’t understand what it is.

Now I have to change the food I eat

Now my daily bread has to be made from wheat

I have to start fitness exercising

Jogging, swimming or just fast walking.

I get tired, I stop the drugs and exercises

And return to my life of little excesses

Now I’m feeling kinda funny

Its as if the whole room has started turning.

I wake up in a hospital room corner

I am told i have been in a coma

Its been 24 hours I’ve been here lying

With my family convinced I was dying.

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